Sample System

 A solar electric system consists of several components:

  • Solar Panels: Can be US made or imported, silver frame or black frame, polycrystalline or mono, etc.
  • An inverter to convert the DC current and voltage to AC which your house uses
  • Racking to mount the panels on – Also includes the attachments to the roof (or ground)

In addition to the hardware there is also a lot of paperwork for permitting and applications to the utilities and finally the labor to install everything.

4 kW solar energy system for a south facing roof.
Estimated annual electricity production: 4,800 kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity


  • 16 Solar Modules  - 250 W each
  • 16 Micro  Inverters
  •  32 flashing kits for attachments
  • Rails, splices and clamps for a 8x2 layout AC disconnect
  • Ground lugs and ground wire


  • Installed cost: $13,000
  • Focus on Energy Incentive: $2,400 cash back
  • Federal Tax Credit (30% of system cost): $3,180

    Cost after incentives: $7,420

Value of electricity produced: $691 (1 Year)
Value of electricity produced: $26,850* (25 Years)
*Assumes 4% increase in electric rate and 0.5% drop in system production – annually

Break even after 9+ years!

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